Fashion design competition collides with the road of intelligent transformation, and siuf's focus will be upgraded the next day


Today, the three-day (4.19-21) 2019 China underwear culture week and siuf China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition have been held for two days. Despite the weather impact, the high attention of industry leaders, the continuous release of media from all walks of life, and the highlights of the exhibition schedule have kept the audience warm. The five pavilions, 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 9, are still crowded with visitors.


The 7th China international underwear creative design competition final of "glamour Oriental · fashion salt walk" in 2019, and the 7th China international home furnishing original design competition final of "glamour Oriental · new family" in 2019 show a wide range of popular trends with inspiration; the "close to the future" China new warm fiber trend Forum in the morning, the "innovation empowerment · intelligent manufacturing" in the afternoon In the future, "China underwear industry Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum" talks about the current industry hot spots with practical information, and the on-site heat and focus of the exhibition are pushed to a new height again.

Fashion evolution, underwear Rebirth: a contest between new underwear forces

At 10 a.m., the finals of the 7th China international underwear creative design competition of "glamour Oriental · fashion salt walk" will be held in 2019. The theme of the competition is "evolution". Since its launch in October 2018, the competition has attracted more than 300 professional colleges and universities at home and abroad, more than 50 social training institutions and a large number of independent designer talents. The final 28 groups of final works have launched the new power of underwear on site A contest between.

The new generation of designers combined with different dimensions of inspiration divergence, through the work design to show women's evolutionary pursuit of extreme simplicity, luxury and comfort, so as to achieve the co evolution of underwear design and commercial development. From inspiration to ready-made clothing, from theory to practice, every underwear embodies the efforts and sweat of the players. 28 groups of design masterpieces come to the stage in turn, cool color blocking, gorgeous decoration techniques, light sports style, and different design inspiration interact on the stage.

Inspiration shuttle, home fighting: contribute to improving the design level of China's home clothing industry

At 2:30 p.m., the finals of the 7th "glamorous Oriental new family" China international home furnishing original design competition, which was exclusively named by the brand new family of Shenzhen Kaidi Industrial Development Co., Ltd., also officially kicked off.

The theme "shuttle shuttle" implies young people's attitude towards life that they love walking rather than staying. It is hoped that the contestants can bring free and easy dressing experience with simple but not simple design concept through different levels of creative imagination of the theme, so that people can easily walk in everything. Under the spotlight, 20 groups of design works carry the design dream of the contestants to bloom on the stage. These design works are full of young people's fashion opinions on the design trend of home clothes, and also reflect the unique interpretation of the theme of this design competition by young people at present.

It is particularly worth mentioning that this competition is the first time to launch the charming Oriental competition and the new family brand co branded home clothes and surprise them in the final, to create the competition IP fashion derivatives, to promote the combination of home design strength and original competition IP, and to realize the commercial operation of the competition.

Innovation empowering and intelligent building the future: exploring the way of wisdom and breaking the industrial transformation

At two o'clock in the afternoon, China underwear summit - China underwear industry Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum opened on time. This forum invited a number of heavyweight leaders and senior industry guests to give a speech.

In his speech, Cao Tingrui, director of the textile department of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information of the people's Republic of China, proposed the strategic spirit of building a strong network, a digital China and a smart society at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, clarified the importance of intelligent manufacturing at the national strategic level, and fully affirmed the role of the forum in promoting the industry: as an industry exchange platform, China underwear industry Intelligent Manufacturing Forum The future development of China's underwear industry intelligent manufacturing provides forward-looking ideas and diversified paths.

In addition, Mr. Du Yanbing, deputy secretary-general of China Garment Association and deputy director of China garment intelligent manufacturing technology innovation strategic alliance, and many other leading enterprise executives focus on the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the garment industry, the transformation and operation of Intelligent Manufacturing in underwear enterprises, the intelligent chemical plant and digital transformation, the application and research of MES system for intelligent manufacturing of underwear, and the application and development of intelligent cutting in industry 4.0. Big talk breaks through the path of intelligent transformation, puts forward unique views and efficient suggestions, and the audience gains a lot.

The countdown to the wonderful event is just one day away

Tomorrow (4.21) will be the last day of this China underwear culture week and siuf China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition. The closing day will usher in the closing show of VK 100 men and the final of the sixth season siuf international supermodel competition, which will shock and display the audio-visual feast under the new IP of "100 men x 100 women"! At the same time, the exhibition scale will not be reduced. You can still find the products and information required by the whole industrial chain in 5 exhibition halls of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in one stop. You can't miss it!

*Warm tip: on the closing day of the exhibition, the exhibition will be finished half an hour in advance, and the opening time is 09:00-16:30. If you want to visit, it is suggested that you enter the exhibition in advance, and it is more comfortable to have enough time to watch the exhibition!

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