The "Oscar" award ceremony of underwear industry was held ceremoniously to share the brilliant glory of the industry


On the evening of April 19, 2019 "golden belly pocket Award - siuf China underwear industry annual award" and Fengwu Huaxia · Xinyi Health China walk came to a brilliant end in siuf. Hundreds of industry personages, heavyweight leading guests, international famous celebrities and a number of industry media attended and witnessed the event, and praised the past year's underwear industry innovation, channel innovation and product innovation with the highest honor of the industry Enterprises that have made outstanding contributions, as well as outstanding agents and end-users who commend the underwear industry, affirm their achievements in the industry, and at the same time promote the regional brands of Shenzhen underwear to the whole country.

"Golden belly pocket Award - siuf China underwear industry annual award" is an annual selection activity launched by the Organizing Committee of China underwear culture week and the Organizing Committee of China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition. Since its establishment in 2009, siuf has been committed to selecting leading brands and service providers by professional and authoritative evaluation, so as to promote the development of China's own underwear brands and stimulate the development of China's own underwear brands The promotion of brands and the birth of new brands will guide the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, and then expand the social popularity and influence of Chinese underwear brands. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, "golden belly pocket Award" has been the industry's highest authority and influence, with the Chinese underwear industry, "Oscar" reputation industry.

In the two months before the award night, in line with the principle of "openness, fairness and justice", the competition has passed the three links of the organizing committee's review and selection, public voting and senior jury rating: in the preliminary review, the organizing committee selects about 730 participants from more than 1100 brands, agents and terminal stores who have signed up for the competition to participate in the voting; with more competitions With the industry influence and strong support from all walks of life, this public vote attracted tens of millions of industry concerns and millions of effective votes, providing an excellent platform for enterprise brand display and the whole industry to jointly participate in the construction of excellent competition situation; in the evaluation process of the jury, more than ten industry authorities selected by the conference passed the examination of various functions of the participating enterprises based on the results of the vote This paper makes a detailed analysis and comparison, and gives the objective and authoritative guidance.

12 awards were awarded at the ceremony, among which the Brand Awards awarded the annual excellent supplier award, the annual brand value award, the annual black horse award, the most stylish Brand Award, the annual Marketing Award and the annual innovation award respectively to the underwear industry auxiliary material suppliers with outstanding strength in the industry influence, product quality, new technology application, etc.; the brand awards are highly developed Enterprises with good prospects (including market growth space, brand culture connotation and other indicators); brand merchants and retailers with rapid development and widely acclaimed in the industry; brands with distinctive product style, fashionable design and representative in the industry; new operating brands with high comprehensive evaluation in product quality, brand marketing and other aspects.

In the channel awards, the annual gold medal agency award, the annual excellent professional market, the annual excellent agency award, the annual Top 100 terminal stores in China's underwear industry and other awards are respectively awarded with excellent sales performance, advanced business management mode, outstanding performance in the local market, high influence, outstanding sales performance, strong market competitiveness and sustainable development ability Our agents, as well as the terminal stores with good faith operation and excellent sales performance, provide vocational training for employees, improve employee welfare and remuneration.

In addition, there is also a high sense of social responsibility to promote the progress of social welfare underwear enterprises to commend.

It is a brand show with forward-looking focus, which is interspersed with the award ceremony. Ause Lauder (holding a circle) leads the opening show, gourami gonami, trumpeter, mousse, feaman, nubar, Tommy T-shirt, yogirl and other brands with unique color matching and design skills, and cooperates with the model's graceful posture to show the brand power with great appeal, becoming the highlight of the whole award ceremony Pen.

So far, the 2019 "golden bellyback Award - siuf annual award ceremony for China's underwear industry" has come to a successful end. Hundreds of excellent enterprises, witnessed by thousands of people in the industry, have reaped the fruits of their efforts and concentration in the past days. The award not only engraves the contribution of outstanding industry people to the promotion of industrial development, but also enlightens the direction of joint efforts and hand in hand in the future. In the future, siuf will continue to follow the industry and market changes, uphold the service industry, fair and just attitude of responsibility, not to lose the reputation of "Oscar" in the underwear industry, and bring more exciting and authoritative annual awards for the industry. Let's look forward to it!

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