Press conference for the 15th anniversary of China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear Exhibition


At the time of autumn breeze and happy reunion, China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition and China underwear culture week held a press conference on the 15th anniversary of "blooming peak and imagining the future" at four seasons hotel in Jingui. Mr. Liu Hanwen, CEO of tasus group in China, Ms. Tang Shuangmao, CEO of China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition, Mr. Zhang Hao, director of Hongdou home brand culture department, Ms. Li Xiaoying, general manager of Yumei clothing in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, vice president of Dongyang knitting Association, Mr. Song Jialin, general manager of Guangdong Yinrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand: meijiameinong), and Mr. Song Jialin from underwear More than 20 industry leaders and more than 20 industry mainstream media reporters attended the press conference.

Set a benchmark for the industry

"Shenzhen Shengshi Jiuzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. confirmed to hold the 15th China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear Exhibition (siuf) in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 19 to 21, 2020," said Ms. Tang Shuangmao, CEO of the brand underwear exhibition at the conference.

Zhang, head of Hongdou home fashion brand culture department, said in his speech that as a 62 year old home fashion brand, it has achieved unexpected results after participating in China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear Exhibition for the first time in 2019. In the next year or two, with bra as the main star series in spring and summer, we will continue to participate in siuf, a professional business platform, to enter the underwear market in Shenzhen.

In the past few years, siuf has successfully gathered more than 150000 professional visitors and more than 900 participating brands in the 73000 square meter exhibition area to display the new products, technologies, trends and applications of underwear industry at home and abroad, and strive to create a business negotiation, international exchange and brand display for underwear production enterprises and upstream and downstream industry chains Professional communication platform.

From a prospective perspective, focus on industrial clusters and optimize production capacity layout

President Tang talked about the planning of China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition siuf in 2020 at the press conference. With the main policy of "market appeal, international influence; forward-looking, guide industry trend", he will present the domestic top 20 popular brands, growth brands, international top 10 brands and designer works at the brand underwear exhibition site. At the same time, the group will also invest heavily in integrated promotion in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places, focusing on the implementation of business matching services, matching the needs of buyers and exhibitors, and promoting the efficiency of order transaction. At last, president Tang also introduced the current progress of investment promotion. The overall sales were over 80%. The in-depth cooperation among Dongyang, Puning, Shantou, Zhongshan, Foshan, Suning, Liaoyuan and other industrial clusters was also in progress.

General manager Li of Dongyang Yumei Clothing Co., Ltd. said that through attending a series of exhibitions in China, a large number of OEM orders were obtained, and the revenue of OEM business increased by 6-10 times compared with last year. At the same time, as the vice president of Dongyang knitting Association, he also made great efforts to recommend the channel of participating in the exhibition to Dongyang enterprises, and gave suggestions for the growth of garment enterprises, such as Dongyang local excellent textile factory, Jinniu textile, Raul textile, colorful textile, Wugang knitting, etc., which are all outstanding in knitted fabrics, and make the functional fabrics to the extreme.

In just ten years, Meijia Meinong has become a leader in the field of underwear maintenance since it was the first health care underwear advocate in China. General manager song shared his insistence on quality and design, the growth and strength brought by it, as well as the future development direction and strategic planning of its brand Meijia Meinong, and hoped to carry out closer and comprehensive cooperation with the brand underwear exhibition.

China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition siuf has not stopped. In the future, the planning will spread its influence to major countries and regions around the world, increase international trade halls, send multiple invitations to global brands and customers, and add vitality to the new hall.

Leading the industry and creating a professional underwear Exhibition

Mr. Liu Hanwen, CEO of tasus China, said: "tasus group has a strong fashion industry map lineup. Every year, it holds many B2B trade fairs in the North American and Asian markets to inject power into the vigorous development of the industry. With many years of successful experience and rich resources, we hope that through the professional platform of China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition siuf, innovative technologies, concepts and products in the industry can be widely spread, and more opportunities will be released. "

Since the cooperation with China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition in 2014, it has brought a new operation team to the exhibition, provided professional exhibition management experience, injected international genes, and given a global perspective. With the China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition siuf joined by tassus group, it will not only aggregate the massive resources of the whole industry chain, but also realize cross industry integration and innovation, and share global business opportunities.

More underwear brand highlights and information will be presented at the 15th China (Shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition. We will meet you at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 19-21, 2020. Please look forward to and visit!

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